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Major Bleeding


"Stop the Bleed" Campaign

White House initiative brings focus to addressing

bleeding at accidents and mass casualty events.


Key Skill: Apply firm pressure. Don’t let go. Use a tourniquet if needed.


  • Apply firm direct pressure to the wound using a dressing (e.g. medical gauze or a towel). If the bleeding doesn’t stop, apply additional dressings (don’t remove the old one) and press harder.

  • Call 911 if the bleeding is severe or won’t stop.

  • Apply a tourniquet. A tourniquet can be made from a belt or a strip of cloth at least 1.5” – 2” wide. Use a stick or something similar to tighten the tourniquet.



Source:       Homeland Security: Stop the Bleed

British Red Cross: Everyday First Aid

Mayo Clinic Severe Bleeding First Aid



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