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Continuing Education for

EMS and Fire Agencies


Up-to-date, evidence-based emegency medical education for paramedics and EMTs.


True North Group provides continuing emergency medical education for EMS and Fire organizations. Our topics are original and innovative (while still covering required NCCP topic areas):


  • How the Flu Kills!

  • Your Patient is Pregnant: This Changes Everything

  • Neonatal Resuscitation: Ventilate, Ventilate, Ventilate!

  • Hospice: When Your Patient Doesn't Want to Go to the Hospital

  • Advanced 12 Lead ECG / STEMI

  • Cardiac Emergencies: Beyond MI and Cardiac Arrest


TNG can provide:

  • Monthly NCCP Con Ed

  • RTPs: Paramedic / AEMT / EMT

  • Individual Programs on Specific Topics

  • American Heart Assoc. ACLS / PALS / BLS

RAMPART Seizure Study

Study Demonstrates Intramuscular Midazolam Superior to IV Benzodiazepines














The RAMPART seizure study recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine demonstrated that intramuscular midazolam administered by paramedics in the field yielded more rapid and effective seizure control than IV lorazepam and a lower likelihood of hospitalization.

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