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EMS Quizzes

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Emergency Medical Myths!

Top Ten EMS Myths

Does anyone really survive after 20 minutes of CPR?

Top Ten Paramedic Myths

Is LR really better than normal Saline?

Top Airway & Breathing Myths

Can you really turn a nasal cannula higher than 6 lpm?

Top Ten Medical Emergency Myths (this one is intended for the public)

CPR? But what if they aren't really dead?

Recognizing MI on 12 Lead ECG


This quiz focuses on the basics of recognizing an occlusion MI on a 12 lead ECG. The goal is to ensure you have a solid foundation before moving on to advanced topics.

Advanced STEMI / Occlusion MI Recognition on 12 Lead ECG

FAIR WARNING: This is a very challenging (but fair) quiz. It covers advanced topics; do not be discouraged if you initially are unable to identify some or even many of the patterns. The goal is to learn, not to “pass the test.”

This quiz is intended to help you enhance your ability to identify myocardial infarction on 12 lead ECG. This ability is based on pattern recognition. To get good, you must review MULTIPLE examples of a given pattern.

STEMI/OMI 12 Lead Resources

RSI Quizzes

RSI Preparation 101

This quiz focuses on the preparation phase of RSI.

RSI Preparation 101

This quiz focuses on the RSI medications.

EMS Vent Resources

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