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What Sets Us Apart

Most EMS education is boring. It covers the same recycled topics using the same recycled slides. Too often instructors read slides verbatim rather than engaging in a discussion with the audience.


What sets True North Group apart?

Innovative Topics Pulled from the Headlines


"How the Flu Kills"

"Your Patient is Pregnant: This Changes Everything"

"Hospice: What to do When Your Patient Doesn't Want to Go to the Hospital"


True North Group selects novel topics that few other EMS educators address. For example, influenza kills between 12,000 and 56,000 people a year in the US...and yet...have you ever had any education on how the flu kills?

Entertaining and Engaging

"Anyone who tries to make a distinction between education and entertainment doesn't know the first thing about either."  ~Marshall McLuhan


No death-by-powerpoint at TNG.

Instructors who successfully connect with students must be entertaining and engaging. They must be capable of drawing the whole class into the discussion. Presentations should be light on text and visually stimulating.


The Deputy Chief at Salem Fire Dept. once gave us our FAVORITE compliment; referring to a firefighter who constantly complained about EMS education, he explained that the firefighter had thought the class we had recently delivered was "Awesome!" According to the Deputy Chief "If you can win over THAT guy, you must be doing something right!"

Experience that Matters!

Lead Instructor Eric Jaeger, NRP, JD, EMS I/C


  • EMS Educator & Paramedic, Exeter Hospital

  • MIT: BS, Computer Science

  • Boston College Law School

  • Founder, McGregor Institute of EMS

  • NH EMS Protocol Editor

  • ACLS / PALS Teaching Faculty

  • EMS Instructor Coordinator

  • Attorney

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