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Managing the First 15 Minutes

of a Medical Emergency


Learn how to manage an emergency in the medical or dental office until EMS arrives.


Who: This class is for doctors, dentists, nurses, hygenists and staff who work in a medical or dental office.


The AMA and ADA recommend that doctors, dentists and office staff be able to manage a

medical emergency until EMS arrives.


To properly prepare for medical emergencies requires:

  • that the office have an emergency plan

  • that the office staff be capable of recognizing an emergency and activating 911

  • that the doctor/dentist and staff be capable of providing care for the first 15 minutes

  • that the doctor/dentist and staff be able to effectively transfer care to EMS


The class will be adapted to the work environment and skills of the providers.



Schedule a Class

Click here to contact Truen North Group about scheduling a class.

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