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EMS Vent Management Resources


Here are some excellent online vent management programs. They are designed to introduce you to key concepts of lung pathophysiology and ventilator operations that are at the heart of basic vent management. None of them are specifically designed for paramedics, but they are all intended for folks who don't already have extensive training or experience in vent management. At least currently, they are all available for free. Some offer CEU credit or a certificate.


Emergency Medicine Reviews and Perspectives (EM:RAP) is a monthly audio series for Emergency Medical practitioners. They have posted an excellent series of free videos on vent management:

Ventilator Management 101

Basic concepts of lung pathophysiology and ventilator operations.

Ventilator Management Critical Cases

A review of ventilator management in the context of asthma, ARDS and COPD.


They are expected to post an additional episode: Ventilator Management 201

Note: This class does not offer a certificate of completion.


edX Mechanical Ventilation for COVID-19
edX is an online platform for education founded by Harvard and MIT. Mechanical Ventilation for COVID-19 is an excellent introductory course that is currently being offered for free. While not all parts of the course are relevant to the role of a paramedic, it is worth watching the entire course. This course requires you to sign up for a free edX account. You can earn a certificate for this course.

Please let me know what you think of these courses. Send me any other high quality resources that you think are worth sharing with others.


Eric Jaeger

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